2017. május 9., kedd

Who am I?

Who am I? This is a really good question.
Most of the people answers his/her name.
Let's start with that.
My name is Laszlo Tarcsanyi.
I am a proud father of a clever, almost 2 years old son and a proud husband of my beautiful wife. We have a cocker spaniel called Szotyi.

From the other hand I am a Senior Software Test Automaton Engineer. At least this is my current job title. I am a Linux, docker, python, shell script fan. Really! I like writing scripts for almost everything. This is why I would like to start this blog. To store my thoughts somewhere and let you read it, eat it, or throw it away.

My plan is to create a simple how-tos or know-hows (it depends on which company you are working for :) ). I would like to use Debian, CentOs and ArchLinux for installation instruction if needed. I will not post evenly, just where I feel that this is what should be shared or can be interesting for others or I will need it later.

Oh, one more thing. I am not long-winded. And I think I need to practice my english. I know. Many people said that.

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